Cultural Competence in Nursing: Unlocking the Key Factors - A Systematic Review

  • Yunita Peggy Tappy University of the Philippines
  • Sheila R. Bonito University of the Philippines Manila
Keywords: Nursing Cultural competence, Antecedents, influencing factors, nurses


Background: Cultural competence is increasingly recognized as a vital skill for nurses to effectively interact with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds. This demand for cultural competence extends globally, with an increasing emphasis on nurses' ability to navigate cross-cultural encounters. There is a need for a greater comprehension of the essential components that influence nurses' development of cultural competence, despite the fact that research on cultural competence and its effect on patient satisfaction already exist

Objective: The objective of this study is to identify and understand the key factors influencing nurses' development of cultural competence.  

Method: A systematic literature research was done to find the factors that might affect nurses' cultural competency in order to fill this gap.

Results: A search of electronic databases yielded 59 scientific articles, including six papers revealing a range of key factors influencing cultural competence in nursing practice. These factors encompassed various dimensions, including individual nurse attributes, educational interventions, and organizational support.

Conclusion: By recognizing these factors, healthcare organizations can design targeted interventions and educational programs to promote cultural competence among nursing professionals. Ultimately, this research contributes to the advancement of nursing practice and improves patient outcomes, fostering an inclusive and equitable healthcare environment for diverse populations.

Author Biography

Sheila R. Bonito, University of the Philippines Manila

Dean, College of Nursing


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